On Richard Boarman’s “Bubble Trees: The Visualization of Hierarchical Structure”

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In his brief two-page paper "Bubble Trees: The Visualization of Hierarchical Structure," Richard Boardman proposes a new type of interactive presentation of hierarchical data that he calls the bubble tree. To bolster his argument, Boardman points out the difficulties inherent in the traditional "tree" structure, which suffers from the "breadth versus depth" problem by leading to information overload and taking up too much screen real estate. As a solution, he proposes a clickable bubble tree that leads to child and grandchild bubbles. Because of its interactive nature and nested structure, Boardman's bubble tree would "naturally allow the user to explore and work out relationships for themselves," he says.

Since the publication of Boardman's paper, this style of bubbletree has become somewhat ad nouveau in the information design community, with popular JavaScript libraries such as Bubbletree.js putting the creation of complex, hierarchical bubble trees into the hands of the general web development public. As its popular use has demonstrated, Bubbletree.js can be particularly handy when it comes to displaying Open Spending data.

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